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Mini Empanadas$80

36 Chicken, beef, or cheese fillings. Served with Aji sauce on the side (spicy Colombian sauce) and Maria’s Guacamole with chips

Arroz con Pollo$190

Traditional Spanish yellow rice with vegetables and shredded chicken served with green salad and fried plantains


A mix of chicken, chorizo, ribs, steak, yellow potatoes, and tostones

Picada #2$135

A mix of yuca frita, chicharron, yellow potatoes, and chorizo

Ropa Vieja$165

Sautéed shredded beef or chicken, with onions and tomatoes served with white rice and red beans


A tray of yellow or white mini Arepas filled with mozzarella cheese

Yellow Rice with peas and carrots$45
Sweet Platains$50
Yuca Frita$60

A hearty mix of organic chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob, plantains and yucca in a chicken broth


Potato soup with red, white, and golden potatoes, capers, shredded organic chicken, corn on the cob and a dot of cream
Add: avocado for $1 per person


Turkey, ham, tuna or egg salad.
Cheese options: Swiss, American, Munster or Mozzarella
Bread options: Whole wheat, seven grains, cranberry nut or white Add: Roasted onions, avocado, pineapple, ham, turkey, tomatoes
Served with guacamole and chips

Mini Tres Lecheseach $2.75
Chocolate Chip Cookies (dozen)$20
Mini Napoleonseach $3.50

$3 each for a dozen or more

Rice Puddingeach $2.75
Flan (a tray for 16-18 people)$52
Whole Tres Leches cake (for 20-25 people)$95
Caramel or Guava Mini Puffs (Package of 20)$23

any extra $1.15

Mini Pandebono$ .90
Mini Buñuelo$ .90
Mini Pand de Yuca$ .90
Mini Empanada de Cambra$1.50